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      Commentary Released: Oct. 29 2006

      Citizens For A Better America ®

      By Robert Colaco, Volunteer National Chairman, Founder of Citizens For A Better America ®

      As presented Oct. 29, 2006 at Living Springs Church: "We have a publication called, Have you Been Lied To? ™. I write commentaries to work within that format. I wrote a commentary and I know that many of you have heard the comment within Media circles, "you heard it here first." Well, you my friends at Living Springs Church are hearing it first. It is not even on our website yet. The Commentary is called:"

      THE LIE:

      Pro-lifers can not win in California.


      On the November 08, 2005 California ballot there was a ballot measure, a proposition that lost but could have won where Citizens For A Better America ® (R, Registered Trademark) with the acronym and main website of (CFABA.ORG). took a position on, it was Proposition 73. Proposition 73, was called the "PARENTS’ RIGHT TO KNOW and CHILD PROTECTION Ballot Initiative."

      I would like to inspire you that each and every one of you can have an effect on this upcoming November 7th election.

      On election day Tuesday, November 7th, 2006 we have another opportunity to pass the basic same measure. It is Proposition 85. It is called "WAITING PERIOD AND PARENTAL NOTIFICATION BEFORE TERMINATION OF MINOR’S PREGNANCY.

      I believe it is always important to look at the real numbers of what we lost or won by after elections.

      After all the votes were finalized on Dec 19, 2005 at 7:16 am, here are some of those real numbers. There were 3,676,592 that voted for Proposition 73 and 4,109,430 that voted against it. Or a margin of 47.2% to 52.9%. That represented a total of 7,786,022 votes cast for or against the measure.

      To see the actual numbers at the California Secretary of State's office please click on the following link: http://vote2005.ss.ca.gov/Returns/prop/00.htm.

      By the way it was the measure that lost by the least amount of votes in the special election called by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

      Carefully looking at the numbers within the election results for Proposition 73 I discovered some very important facts. Facts, that I believe those who would consider themselves to be Pro-life would find very encouraging.

      For pro-lifers to have won on Prop. 73 with a safe 51.0% margin we basically needed to get 3,970,871 votes. About three hundred thousand (300,000) more votes out of the almost 7.8 million votes that were cast.

      That number is about seventeen (17) votes for an average of the 439 votes that were cast from each one of the 17726 precincts or voting locations in California. That means we would have needed to change the minds of 17 voters out of each 439 voters. For a math guy like myself this is truly exciting. We could have won.

      Why do I think we could have won?

      Planned Parenthood was running television commercials over and over, certainly in the second largest media market in America, the Los Angeles area.

      On the pro-life side there were no television commercials.

      In simple terms, the pro-choice, pro-abortion side outspent us by a lot of money and we only lost by about 300,000 votes out of about 7 and 3/4 million votes (7,786,022 actual votes or 7.8 million).

      Could we have won?

      Yes! Absolutely yes!

      How, you ask?

      In two ways. First, by pro-life individuals and families convincing their friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to vote for Prop. 73.

      Second, by pro-life individuals and families giving more money than they did in 2005. It is time for pro-lifers to learn from those in opposition to us, they win because they give far more money than we do.

      You might ask Who do I give to?

      Pro-life groups like the one that put Proposition 73 on the ballot and now Proposition 85. Yes, that is not us, Citizens For A Better America ®. They could have given it to us. Our primary priority is to elect morality and values based candidates to public office from the lowest positions to the highest political positions all over America. Our secondary priority is to help pass and defeat ballot measures which is why we established a website called http://stateprops.com.

      Yes, that is right, on the Nov. 8, 2005 ballot we could have won and passed Prop. 73, not lost it by about 300,000 votes. But, with your financial giving we collectively could pass Prop. 85 on the Tuesday, November 7th, 2006, election, thank you for your help.

      Vote YES on Proposition 85
      on November 7, 2006 California Ballot.

      For more info. please visit http://www.StateProps.com

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