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      Commentary Released: Nov. 6, 2006

      Citizens For A Better America ®

      THE LIE:

      Californian’s should not vote for Prop. 85.


      By Robert Colaco, Volunteer National Chairman, Founder of Citizens For A Better America ®

      Since Proposition 85 is virtually the same measure as Proposition 73 and those in opposition are trying to stop the passage of Prop. 85 using the same arguments they used against Prop. 73 let me restate some of the arguments I used before and add a few new ones.

      I wrote about Proposition 73 before the November 2005 election in a Commentary entitled:

      THE LIE:
      Californian’s should not vote for Prop. 73.

      Those who oppose Proposition 85 state in their arguments against the measure: "Prop. 85 won’t stop predators, won’t protect teens, and is the first step in overturning Roe and banning all abortions. Vote NO."(1)

      With all due respect to the opponents of Proposition 85, Planned Parenthood and others. Proposition 85 will stop predators, will protect teens, and ultimately their terror is what they state: "and is the first step in overturning Roe and banning all abortions."

      They are terrified that there will be any restrictions on abortion whether it is partial birth abortions, or a restriction on teenagers getting abortions, without the knowledge of the parent or guardian of that teenager. The same parents and guardians that are fully responsible for those teenagers if anything went wrong. In fact your teenage daughter can not get any medical procedure except an abortion without your parental knowledge and consent. Parents and guardians are the ones who should be terrified because they may never know until their daughter is dead that she is suffering the symptoms of a botched abortion.

      As far as protecting youth a Florida study shows just the opposite is true.:

      FSU News

      FSU study: Abortion notification, consent laws reduce risky teen sex

      by Jill Elish

      Laws that require minors to notify or get the consent of one or both parents before having an abortion reduce risky sexual behavior among teens, according to a Florida State University law professor. Jonathan Klick

      Jonathan Klick, the Jeffrey A. Stoops Professor of Law, and Thomas Stratmann, professor of economics at George Mason University, came to that conclusion after they looked at the rates of gonorrhea among teenage girls as a measure of risky sex in connection to the parental notification or consent laws that were in effect at the time.(2)

      Once again those who oppose parentantal notification are arguing that not all teens have good caring parents. As I said in my previous commentary about Prop. 73, "I too am saddened when I become aware of teens in troubled homes."

      “What is totally disturbing to me is their statement: 'or a relative may even have caused the pregnancy.' I am disturbed because if a relative has caused the pregnancy, then would we not want to do all we can to stop that relative from causing further injury? This proposition would put it before a judge, if this is the case, and this would go a long way in protecting this young girl from harm.”

      “In recent times there has been a great deal of news media coverage about child molestation. There have been laws passed in several states to bring the offenders to justice and to protect children.“ That is why we are supporting a 'Jessica's Law' initiative in California, Proposition 83. Passage of those laws is a good thing and Prop. 85 is one more law that we need on the books if we really want to protect our daughters, grand-daughters, nieces and sisters.

      Did you know that right now, that a child can get an abortion without anyone, except the clinic who is doing the procedure, knowing. That really put the child in danger because no adults but the abortion clinic personnel is looking out for the child.

      A YES vote on Proposition 85 means that the doctor has to notify someone that the young girl wants an abortion, if she feels unsafe telling her parents then a judge can be notified, at which time we would hope issues of why she felt unsafe would be investigated. Right now if that abortion has complications no one knows to look out for her but the child herself. Lets save lives.

      Vote YES on Proposition 85
      on November 7, 2006 California Ballot.

      (1) on Page 9 of 192 in the voter guide which can be seen by clicking on the following link: http://www.voterguide.ss.ca.gov/pdf/English.pdf
      Archive Version

      (2) FSU study Abortion notification, consent laws reduce risky...
      PDF Version of the page:

      For more info. please visit http://www.StateProps.com

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